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I'm your only Mass of Destruction

Watch Out

12/29/04 05:52 pm - oh my..




add me! love you!

12/29/04 04:58 pm - Jealousy

follow the spiders....
to this broken heart of mine...

12/28/04 09:15 pm - livejournal.. ugh

livejournal is starting to SUCK.. hmmm..
maybe I'll post later!

probably not... and haven't you heard.. My space is the new cool thing to do..

...OH GO and SIT ON IT ALLL!!!!!!!

12/25/04 11:43 pm

karen and I are at her house and we are fabulous and I can't spell.. and don't u forget it! I love you!
but I'm going to sleep!!!!! love you

12/25/04 07:51 am - OLD pictures that you haven't seen.. I was just to lazy to post them..so here they are. on CHRISTmas

look its from not last wednesday.. but the one before it!Collapse )

12/25/04 12:34 am - Merry CHRISTmas and happy holidays



12/22/04 04:47 pm

LOOK what I just found!

I've just peeed.. almost..

Emo Boyfriend
Favourite Color
His Name Angel
His Looks/Style Shaggy black hair, blue eyes, wears eyeliner, really skinny, pale, lip ring, band t-shirts, tight pants, and converse
How you met At a Taking Back Sunday show
How he tells you he loves you Tells you that you're beautiful whenever you say you're fat and kisses you wherever you say you have a problem
What he calls you Love
How far you've gone everything
This fun quiz by _shelovedaboy - Taken 46618 Times. </a>
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

12/22/04 01:32 pm - ahhh its been so long!

wow, so I haven't updated in a while.. like 5000 years. more like 3 days or so.. but still.. very unnornal. my week as been amazing so far. I only had one bad night.. but everything else was awesome! friday, I've got pictures of DC North and Knowing Stew (amazing by the way) and I've go  pictures from the progressive dinner (spontaneous and amazing) pictures from sunday, church, beefs, etc.

yesterday it was ashley and Jaynea day! and we went to the mall.. cus my mother ditched me.. so her and I went! we saw dickens and Brittani (precious) there! and we hung out with them.. and we went to the movies.. we saw that Lemony Snicketts movie.. it was really awesome.. but it was soo sad.. I wasn't expecting that. and then  we walked around went into EXPRESS looking for jeans for dickens.. but he didn't want any cus he he said they were too tight on his (no no area)

so we left the mall and britt and dickens left and I was gonna take ashley home, but I bought Napoline Dynomite and I desided that I wanted to have a movie night.. so I called up brittani and all hell broke loose.. but it was awesome!

so yeah I'll update later

12/19/04 02:15 am

its 1:51 in the am! woot woot! tonight has been amazing!

first of all!
     otnight was the progressive dinner and that was a blast! I've got tons of pictures  and I'll post them later! and after the progressive dinner we had our white elephant gifts and I ended up getting a thing that I don't need for my car. haha.

so after that we (we meaning: Brittani,spencer, rex, cale, christin,dickens, ashley and I) going to the cha cha dance. which is this spanish dance club at the club house in lake Pagett. it was soo crazy, it was all old people and it was all spanish music and every that they did and said was in spanish. it was great tho. spencer and I danced... he grabed a roll ( bread) and he put it in his mouth and I bit it from his mouth, it was soo funny!

so then we went to the back of the building where the playground is. and OH man, we did some damage.. and it was soo soo awesome. haha I have alot fo pictures from it! then dickens and ethan finally showed up and thats when all hell broke loose.

Cale and Rex started streaking.AHHHHH
that was stoo crazy.AHHHHH!!! sorry, brittani and I had just had a visual.. UGH...anyway...brittani, spencer and I layed and stared at the stars! and spencer was laughing at me cus I was trying to find a way to get on the ground.. it was hillarious! well he thought it was!

so we went to wendys and they were closed so we had to use the drive thought.. and we sat in the parking lot and talked and screwed around and listened to UnderOATH!!! YES!!! and dickens kept jumping into christins truck.. and then we left and I went back to my house, picked up some clothes and drove to the church droped my car off and brittani and I drove to her house and on the way home.. stoped at mc D's!! mmm hmm good. and here I am now.. at Britt's house! big sista brittani!!!

and its now 2:13 in the AM and I've killed 2 masquitos now... EWW.. and one was nasty and I had to wash my hands..

and PS. Christin and Dickens :::adorable::::

12/17/04 11:37 am - OUCH

                                I'll kill you in a PIT!!
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